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18 April 2013 0

Glimpse for DotNetOpenAuth 1.3

By David

Finally I got a chance tonight to update my DotNetOpenAuth extension for Glimpse. I've pushed the update out to Nuget so go ahead and update now. Install-Package DCCreative.DNOA4Glimpse   What does it do? This extension attaches to the internal logging...

11 July 2011 Off

DotNetOpenAuth: Debugging and Tracing OpenID and OAuth on ASP.NET (or MVC) using Glimpse

By David

Synopsis: Understanding exactly what is happening under the hood when it comes to working with OpenID and OAuth can be...

22 July 2010 Off

DotNetOpenAuth OAuth2 CTP

By David

Exciting times are afoot. We have just released a Community Technology Preview of DotNetOpenAuth with built in support for OAuth2....

18 December 2013 0

Designing with Animation

By David

[youtube=] Presentation by Pasquale D’Silva We’re in the future, and interfaces are falling behind the curve. Software should feel as…