Microsoft MSN Search fails to hit the spot…

11 November 2004 Off By David

Not one to typically laugh at Microsoft when they screw up (??) but today an article on heralds as the latest significant rival to google and yahoo!.

All fine and well, and it’s never a bad thing when a new comprehensive search engine comes on-line, but cummon guys… it doesn’t make life for the marketing team easy when potential ‘client’ receive…

This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon.

…after searching for Microsoft.

I’m hoping that this is because they didn’t expect the volume of curious visitors (like me) that they are receiving. No doubt that they’ll use the load data to make improvements. The MSN Search team has also posted a blog entry that gives more detail.

Personally I am of the mindset that high profile apps should not be depthcharge tested by the public… but hey!, without beta sites like this the t’internet would be a far quieter place.