Google Trends – Microsoft Cardspace vs. OpenID

24 October 2007 Off By David

Following a recent reminder by LifeHacker I have been playing around with Google Trends. Very interesting.

So, I plumbed in a query of Microsoft Cardspace searches compared with OpenID.

Question: What was announced or happened mid-August to cause the last peak for both areas?




Windows CardSpace, OpenID collaboration project in the works
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Microsoft Courts OpenID
Dr. Dobb’s Journal – Feb 7 2007   

Secure Your ASP.NET Apps And WCF Services With Windows CardSpace
MSDN Magazine – Apr 15 2007   

Sun Microsystems Announces OpenID Program – May 7 2007   

Wetpaint Adds OpenID and Google Analytics Support With Release of New Home Page
Market Wire (press release) – Jun 6 2007   

OpenID: Can it become single sign-on for the Web
iT News – Sep 3 2007