SlickEdit® Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio®, Engage!

16 June 2008 Off By David


(Full Disclosure: I obtained a not-for-resale version of SlickEdit Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio through in return for me blogging on my experiences)


Given the opportunity to try out any SlickEdit product, I chose to trial their tools for Visual Studio. Quoting the following from their website:

The SlickEdit Tools productivity suite is a powerful collection of utilities optimized for use within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
• SlickEdit Tools is organized into two product Toolboxes: the Editing Toolbox and the Versioning Toolbox. Each offers unique utilities to help you write and edit your code.
• The Editing Toolbox provides features that add convenience to common tasks involved in developing software. The Versioning Toolbox provides features that let you easily understand and navigate the history of your source code.

SlickEdit Tools for Visual Studio certainly sounds interesting, and I hope it will behave and plays well with other IDE bolt-ons like DevExpress…

I will write up my findings here in a week or so.