DotNetOpenAuth 3.0 (Beta 2) Released

12 March 2009 Off By David

DotNetOpenAuth, previously named DotNetOpenID, is getting so close to it’s next major release 3.0. Beta 2 sees a massive security review being completed and testing of the complete library of OAuth and OpenID protocols for .Net.

Major enhancements since beta 1:

  1. Much more stable
  2. Classic ASP support
  3. Tamper protection of callback arguments
  4. ASP.NET State Server and other serialized session stores support

Check out the version changes page on our wiki for a complete list.

You can download Beta 2 from Google Code and Ohloh.

Please leave feedback on the new version here as a comment or at the mailing list.  Questions?  Send them to the same mailing list, or post them at and tag them with “dotnetopenid”.