Lions and Tigers – End of Safari evaluation

11 May 2009 Off By David

So today see’s the end of my week long attempt to use an online bookstore search in replacement of my habitual use of Gooooogle.

All in all it was a relative success. We were certainly able to find the topics we were looking for – but as expected, Safari was able to best answer questions on ‘best practise’ and ‘how should be approach x’. Where Google steps forward was exposing the real world experiences actually implementing those practises, thanks to the world of Blogging and Forums.

Has to be said I found the interface to be simple. I don’t think I would ever be able to sit and read a whole chapter let alone a book. I wasn’t able to achieve the ‘flow’ otherwise experienced by reading a book or web page. Having to set the page Zoom each time became rather irritating after a while but I was able to find the information I required – answer the question – and move on.

I would LOVE to be able to flip pages using my cursors, rather than my mouse. I would love to see all the pages of a book laid out on a ‘whitebox’ table in some kind of deep-zoom visualisation so I can see all the headings, sub heading, illustrations, to mimic what you would do by the ‘flicking’ through a book.

So, will a Safari subscription kill my GoogleAmazon addiction. No, not yet. Besides, I can’t take Safari to the ‘john’.

This curiosity was satisfied thanks to my friends at and Safari Books Online. Thanks very much guys!



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