You can depend on NDepend (v3)

23 February 2010 Off By David

I have just downloaded my update to NDepend, and also really I think you should too. Why? Well, how do you fancy having the wealth of information that NDepend provides INTEGRATED within your Visual Studio environment? Yeah! Wow.

I have to admit that having to pop out to an external application was beginning to grind a little – especially when I have all my other tools integrated within my VS environment so I was was pretty much blown away by what I saw during the overview tour (

NDepend is a Visual Studio tool that makes it easy to manage complex .NET code base.
With NDepend, hundreds of standard and custom rules are continuously checked in Visual Studio with no performance cost. Hence, the design remains clean, large refactoring are seamless, code reviews are effective and evolution is mastered.
Benefits are better communication, improved quality and faster development.

Download your own copy of NDepend here (Trial Edition)