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17 November 2016 6

HowTo: Run Hyper-V/Docker on Hyper-V Virtual Machine

By David

TL:DR; On the Hyper-V host run Set-VMProcessor -VMName "<Your Virtual Machine Name>" -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true If you are like me, you may run all your Dev Environments from within Virtual Machines, leaving your base OS install as clean as possible - albeit...

8 September 2016 5

HowTo: Create Self-Signed Certificates with PowerShell

By David

This is a short post about how to create Self-Signed certificates with the New-SelfSignedCertificate  PowerShell module.  More specifically, this post will...

11 May 2016 4

Solved: Identity Server v3 and ‘Invalid provider type specified’ CngKey private key errors

By David

In the scenario described in this post, you have encountered an error in your log that says the following: Signing...

18 December 2013 0

Designing with Animation

By David

[youtube=] Presentation by Pasquale D’Silva We’re in the future, and interfaces are falling behind the curve. Software should feel as…